Challenge 1 – Day 14

Week 2 of the 30 day challenge is done! Not even the snow could keep me from completing this challenge and it tried – real hard!

Last night I was still planning to go to pregnancy yoga class and even this morning when I woke up that was still the plan. The Special One woke me this morning as my alarm didn’t go off and he knew that I was probably going to be spending a fair bit of time getting ready as I had to rinse henna off my hair. [You can read about that here.] I had woken up at about 7h30 to go to the loo and when I looked outside it hadn’t snowed which meant that I would be heading to yoga. By the time I got up at 9h00, it was snowing heavily and so I sent the yoga teacher a text to say that I wasn’t going in. I was really looking forward to it but I’m not a confident driver in the snow – this also meant that I wasn’t going to pump either 😦

I ended up doing the same workout video that I did on day 12 – I didn’t work up a sweat with this and so decided to try out this Pilates pregnancy DVD that I had on my pc. Whoo hooo…now that was a workout. There is so much information online about what pregnant women can/can’t/should/shouldn’t do – it’s confusing. In this DVD  the very pregnant woman doing the exercises does some of them on her back – a no-no according to much of the information that you read online. I didn’t get to that part of the DVD (they are in 10 minute blocks and I got through 2 of them) but I think that I’d like to try this sometime. I believe that my body will be able to tell me if something isn’t right and so I will trust in myself and not get caught up in the conflicting messages on the internet.

Um ok…so after the 2nd pilates section I was taking a break and while sitting on the floor, decided to meditate. Why not, right? Just closed my eyes and focused on my breathing. I found myself moving my hands to my belly eventually and repeating the words “you are loved, you are welcome” in my head and just sending love to our little baby. That was all. Simple and powerful.


I wonder what week 3 of the challenge holds in store. I wonder if I’ll get to the gym tomorrow (I’m really missing the treadmill and cross trainer…can’t believe I said that!) Gosh, I wonder if I’ll get to work tomorrow as it has snowed pretty much unrelentingly for the past 12 hours. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading x


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