A Henna Story

I’ve pretty much been following the same curly hair routine for my haircare over the past year or maybe longer than that. Rinse daily, leave conditioner in every day, co-wash every few daysย and use a clarifying (free of nasties) hair wash every other week (when I can remember). I was going through a ‘nesting’ phase the other day and while unpacking the bathroom cabinet, I found some henna which I’ve decided to put to good use.

It’s been so long since I applied henna that I didn’t remember what to mix it with – do I add oils or conditioners? I decided to just follow the instructions – add water and make a paste. Well I kinda followed the instructions – I used green tea instead of just plain water – I figured the antioxidants would do my hair some good.

The henna is from Sheabutter Cottage, my favourite place to buy pure oils/butters/general body/hair care products. Akua, the owner, is always available if you have any questions about how to use products or to recommend products. I added ginger powder as this is supposed to help mask the smell of the henna. I don’t mind the smell of henna – it’s earthy and not overpowering at all.

I applied the henna at about 9pm-ish, cling filmed my hair/head, wrapped a scarf around my head and left it on overnight. This is not the most attractive look which is why it’s probably best to do it just before going to sleep.

You were warned!

The beauty of henna is that it’s pure so there are no nasty chemicals that are entering my body or going to my baby. Woke up this morning and there was some leakage on the pillowcase – a bit annoying as they are silk [must remember to put a towel down next time]. I then had a loooong shower to rinse it all out. I didn’t put the shower on full blast as I didn’t want to waste water. The thing with henna is that it takes ages to rinse out. I find that applying conditioner and getting a lot of slip helps the rinsing process. The water wasn’t running completely clear by the time I finished but I needed to get a move on so figured I’d have another rinse session tomorrow.

The colour is great – a rich auburn that’s not too obvious. It has just added a bit of life to my hair. Made it a bit…exciting. The Special One called me ‘Firebird’ – a name he called me once about 3 years ago when I last chemically dyed my hair and it was various shades of orange and red and it’s also the name he gave his guitar which has similar shades in it ๐Ÿ™‚

Henna is great for strengthening hair as well as giving hair a lovely shine. I find that I need to follow with a deep moisturising treatment ย the next day/night just to counteract the little dryness that I get after a henna treatment. All in all, henna is a great way to give your hair a natural boost of colour and strength. I think I’ll be doing a henna gloss treatment in a month or so – definitely before baby comes!

Thanks for reading x


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