Challenge 1 – Day 13

I’ve been cooped up inside the house due to yesterday’s snow – everyone keeps telling me it’s not safe to go out because it’s so slippery. I know it’s true and I have fallen in the snow before so I don’t want to risk it. I did find myself suffering from cabin fever – I guess it was more from just doing nothing as opposed to being indoors. Unfortunately my nesting instinct wasn’t functioning today so I didn’t feel much like cleaning or doing any housework.

This morning when I woke up I chilled in bed for a bit and then decided to meditate. I meditated for a while and then did Reiki. While I was meditating, baby was very active and the minute I started doing Reiki, baby seemed to settle down. I hope that I’ll be able to use Reiki once baby joins as a means to settle and soothe.

Due to being under house arrest, I decided to do another home workout courtesy of YouTube,Β to ensure that I keep to my 30 day challenge. I found another 3rd trimester workout video by the same woman whose workout I did yesterday. I have been wanting to do more resistance in preparation for labour, birth and mommyhood so these are perfect.

Post workout I started making dinner while The Special One tried out the Insanity workoutΒ – it’s pretty insane! I had heard about it from a colleague ages ago and thought that I’d try it sometime but after seeing him work through it – I’m not so sure any more! It’s definitely not suitable during pregnancy – thank goodness.

Tomorrow’s yoga class is still on – just at a different venue – so I’ll be going there. I need to check if the gym will be opening as normal because then I’ll be able to do pump as well – yay!

Totally off topic – sometimes in order to follow our dreams/destiny/be true to ourselves, we have to go against convention and what others’ deem to be the right way – it’s not easy but it is doable.Β 


Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Thanks for reading x


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