Challenge 1 – Day 10

Brrrr! It is freezing. I worked in one of our stores today and their heating was broken. Boy was it cold. I felt sorry for those without another person growing inside them to help increase their body temperature!

It was -3Β°C as I walked to the gym – that’s dedication to the cause πŸ™‚ I did an aqua class this evening and it was ok. The teacher wasn’t as engaging as the others but time still passed pretty quickly.

I struggled to get up this morning. It’s just way too cold in the mornings. Needless to say I didn’t meditate until just moments ago. I really felt like I needed to connect with baby so that’s what I did.Β  Years ago when I started meditating I thought that it had to be done sitting in a certain position, with my hands a certain way, etc. I realise now that there’s no right way. And that’s the truth for a lot of things. As long as your intentions are true to you then it is the right way.Β 

A third of the 30 day challenge is complete…yay. As one of my colleagues would say…onward and upwards!

Thanks for reading xx


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