Challenge 1 – Day 9

Oh boy it’s really late and I should be asleep. My intention of last night (see yesterday’s post) didn’t work out as planned. I forgot that I had my monthly pregnancy group this evening. It’s from 7pm to 9.30pm so takes up most of the evening.

Day 9 of the 30 day challenge happened as follows… I realised after yesterday’s post that I was going to be out when I had planned to be at the gym so figured I’d go before preggie group. I didn’t meditate in the morning…instead I had a well deserved lie-in. I went to the gym around 5.30pm and did a half hour cross country program on the treadmill. I definitely think this is good for me and baby. I wonder what sort of activities we’ll do together when baby is bigger.

After the gym it was preggie class. I was a little late and walked in while the first woman was introducing herself. Moan, moan, moan. I had to zone out a little in order to not absorb her negativity. She was in the ‘hot seat’s assigned to the woman due to give birth next. I guess as this was her moment in the spotlight she decided to use it as her soapbox as all the other woman just said their name and how far along they were.

After the group I came home, had dinner courtesy of The Special One and then went to meditate. I decided to do a Meditation Oasis guided meditation since I’m quite tired. I went onto the website to see if there were any new ones and found a pregnancy one. Yay! It was lovely and very simple – just about connecting with your baby.

After the meditation I started writing this post. And as soon as I’m finished I’ll make my pre bedtime trip to the bathroom and head to lala land. I can’t believe I’m going to sleep so late…eek! Sweet dreams.


Thanks for reading xx


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