Challenge 1 – Day 8

Week 2 of the 30 day challenge begins. Getting out of bed was a struggle! The fact that it was snowing outside didn’t provide any motivation to get up. I speak only for myself of course because The Special One was up and out to the gym for 6h30. That’s dedication!

I didn’t meditate or go to the gym this morning so it was all left for after I got home.Β Mondays always tend to be long days at the office and now with only 30 working days left, I don’t see myself leaving earlier especially as I’m wrapping up and handing over and generally making sure that everything that needs to be done is done. I think it was only after 8pm that I arrived at the gym. I started on the cross trainer and did about 1 minute before I stopped. It was really hard today and I realised that because I’m pregnant there’s no need to push myself. I need to focus on being active and not push the intensity. I ended up doing a 30 minute cross country program on the treadmill which was still a good workout.

When I got back home, The Special One had dinner ready – yummy! We then watched an episode of Elementary and then I went upstairs to meditate while he carried on doing what he was doing downstairs. I’ve discovered that while I enjoy meditating in silence and doing Reiki in the morning, I prefer to do a guided meditation in the evenings. Maybe it’s because in the morning my mind is still clear and in the evenings I have all the day’s events to provide more than enough chatter. Maybe. Anyway, I did a guided meditation for patience courtesy of Meditation Oasis. I’m a pretty patient person but sometimes I do get a bit impatient in certain situations or with certain people – as happened today at work – so this was a good one.

I’m starting to feel rather stiff after yesterday’s Body Pump class and I’m sure it’ll be worse tomorrow. If its true that all this exercise will help facilitate an easy labour and birth then it is worth it!


I just ordered a new pair of maternity gym bottoms. I tried on all my old jogging bottoms before I went to the gym and although they fit, they were putting too much pressure on the bump because almost all the waistbands ended smack bang in the middle of TjieTjie’s home. Not cool. So they will all be relegated to the pre-pregnancy suitcase (which I still need to allocate).

Tomorrow it is my intention to meditate in the morning and go to the 8pm aqua class. There, I said it. And so it shall be.

Have a super duper awesome amazing week.

Thanks for reading xx


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