Challenge 1 – Day 6

Today was a wonderful day. I woke up, went back to sleep, woke up again and we went to the gym.

I planned do an aqua class and was a little late because we went to the gym across town today and couldn’t find parking. I contemplated not doing the class but thought “I’m not that late” so went anyway and who was teaching the class? Grace..whooo hoooo! It was so much fun. It’s actually entertaining just watching her – she loves to dance. Chatted to her after cos I want to do Body Pump again but was a little worried that I had not done a class in about 2 months. We agreed that if I take it easy and make the necessary adjustments that it should be cool. So tomorrow will be pregnancy yoga at the local community centre then off to the gym for Body Pump. I think The Special One will be joining me as well…double bonus 😀

We took a walk to a coffee shop near to our home and spent the afternoon there. It was lovely. I read, people watched, sat feeling baby moving, chilled. Bliss.

I have just finished meditating. Well I meditated then picked up my phone to write this post, noticed a Facebook notification, saw my niece had posted in her blog, read it, cried and then started writing this post. She’s a very talented young woman and had written a beautiful poem. Ahhhhh.

Ok, so I have not long finished meditating…that’s more accurate. I went to this beautiful place in Cape Town called Kirstenbosch Gardens…I won’t get into all the imagery but trust me, it was beautiful.  Then I did some Reiki and although TjieTjie was very active at the beginning, it kind of chilled baby out when I placed my hands on my solar plexus and sacral chakras. I’m thinking that if I do Reiki regularly then it would hopefully have a similar calming effect outside of the womb as well. Can’t hurt, right? Activity is picking up again though as I’m writing this.

I’m really enjoying doing this 30 day challenge. I had been talking about wanting to meditate more and now I’m doing it. Simples. And I love going to the gym everyday. I thought I didn’t have the time but I clearly do.

Week 1 is almost over already – time really does fly.

Sweet dreams when you get there.

Thanks for reading. xx


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