Challenge 1 – Day 5

Howdy YΒ΄all.

Day 5 of the 30 day challenge is done and dusted!

Today also marks the 30th week of my pregnancy and I have 30 days of work left. I feel very pregnant at the moment – in a good way though.

TjieTjie was very busy today. This little one was moving around for hours while I was working this afternoon. I think baby is working on a special birth dance…something to entertain us with once baby’s out. Either that or baby is training to become a ninja. I wonder if it’s the additional activity…maybe all my exercise is making TjieTjie more active? Who knows.

We went to the gym this evening. Did cardio as I’ve got an aqua class tomorrow morning. 30 minutes interval program on the treadmill. I’m really enjoying the gym again. I am actually looking forward to going again tomorrow.

As it was late before I got to meditate, I decided to do another guided meditation. It was another one from Meditation Oasis. This one was a gratitude meditation. I don’t think we spend enough time thinking about all the things we have in our lives to be grateful for. I’m glad I chose that one. Once I started thinking about the ‘obvious’ things in my life I was grateful for, so many more things came to mind. I’ll definitely be doing that more often. I don’t need a guided meditation to do this though but it does help to maintain focus.


So…Day 6 tomorrow. See you then.

Thanks for reading. X


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