Challenge 1 – Day 1

We’re off to a good start…I woke up at 6h15 this morning when The Special One was leaving for the gym and when he left, I began my meditation. Ah what bliss! It was wonderful to be still and just breathe mindfully and just…be. After the meditation I did some Reiki and really felt a connection with TjieTjie (pronounced Chi-Chi – the name we’re calling our soon to be here baby).


Work was pretty good today – there are 2 new people starting in our team to take over when I finish work…next month – whoo hoooo!! The whole team went off for lunch together – bit of bonding and all in all there was a pretty cool atmosphere in the office although I have no idea where the time went!

Anyhooo…got home a bit late this evening and was not in the mood for the gym. But a challenge is a challenge and so I eventually managed the 5 minute walk (it took no great effort, really) to the gym and then did a 30 minute interval program on the treadmill, worked up a sweat, burnt some calories and felt good. When I got back home, dinner was waiting for me (He really is special).

I do need to get to bed at a reasonable time though to make sure that I have enough sleep and can maintain getting up at 6h15 to meditate before getting ready for work. Think I’ll be doing an aqua class tomorrow night.

Have you started a 30 day challenge?

Thanks for reading. x

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