Stay away from the Forums!

One of the first things that I did when I found out that we were going to have a baby was to join every pregnancy forum and website I could find. I learnt so much. I had no idea that pregnancy is calculated from the 1st day of your last period. So technically the 40 weeks that you’re pregnant includes a couple of weeks when you’re actually not pregnant. Weird, right?

What an education you get on the forums. I learnt that when you’re pregnant you get morning sickness and a metallic taste in your mouth and your boobs start to hurt and you crave ridiculous foods and your sense of smell gets superhero status. So imagine my horror when I was experiencing none of these!

The first test I took confirmed I was pregnant and of course I had to take a second test…just to make sure. After a week of reading through forums, I went out and bought more tests – just to make sure that I was pregnant – because I wasn’t experiencing any of the ‘normal’ symptoms. Then, when I was 6 weeks pregnant, my ever-supportive husband and I took a 1 hour journey to a hospital that offered a walk-in scan service just so that I could have some reassurance that I really was pregnant. After waiting 3 hours, we got to hear our little baby’s heartbeat. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Was it necessary? Definitely not.

I am thankfully one of the lucky ones who don’t get the not so nice pregnancy symptoms…unfortunately daddy-to-be is experiencing a few of them. He’s handling it very well though πŸ™‚ Yes, I have been blessed. Occasionally I will smell something that is very subtle that no one else can pick up. Sometimes I go through periods of wanting certain drinks (at the moment it’s Horlicks) or wanting to eat certain foods (I’ve been through phases of jacket potatoes, grapefruit, melon and right now it’s frozenΒ yoghurt). All in all, I’ve been peachy.

I’ve learnt to stay away from the pregnancy forums. Why? Besides the fact that they scared me into thinking that 4 pregnancy tests were wrong, the other reason is this…no-one creates a thread on a forum to talk about how well things are going. If you’re worried about something then call your midwife or your doctor – just don’t seek advice from forums!




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