Pregnancy Obsession – Weight

There are a few things that I’ve become obsessed with since I’m pregnant. One of them The Special One and I are both guilty of is…pushchairs. When we’re out and about, separately or together, we’re eyeing up all the pushchairs that go by and trying to figure out if they would work for us. I have stopped a few mothers walking with pushchairs that we like the look of to question them. But more on that later.

My secret obsession is with my weight. It’s silly right, I’m pregnant so obviously I am going to pick up weight. If I don’t then that means baby isn’t growing. So weight gain is good. Then why do I find myself getting on the scale every single day checking how much (if any) I’ve gained.


I eat sensibly because I want the best for our unborn child and make sure that I get decent levels of all the nutritional goodness that baby needs. There’s just so much out there on the world wide web about pregnancy and weight gain. So many pages talking about what constitutes an acceptable weight gain during pregnancy depending on your pre-pregnancy weight.


I think I should just trust my instincts and know that I’m doing the right thing for our Special Little Person growing inside me. Whatever weight needs to be gained is going to be gained, right? Besides, this is a life-changing ‘event’ that’s going on with me as well as for The Special One. This is a totalย metamorphosisย of mind, body…life as we know it. Weight gain should really be the least of my obsessions – and it’s definitely not an obsession that I want to pass onto this life growing inside of me.


Time to be free of obsession and celebrate the Gift with whom we we have been blessed.




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