Count Your Blessings – Week 6


Mon 28: The Special One had a bad day and so we spent the whole evening together, talking and making plans. Usually our evenings are split into reading/writing time and then together time. Tonight was just together time.

Tue 29: I speak to my Mom almost everyday thanks to the fact that despite her being in Africa, I pay the cost of a local call.

Wed 30: while meditating this morning a friend popped into my head. We went to high school together (many years ago) and are friends on facebook but have essentially lost touch. I sent her a message and now we’ll be meeting up later this month when we go home πŸ™‚

Thu 1: today I booked my Reiki II course, bought The Special One’s birthday gift, got my Mom a few things and realised that I am blessed a) to have a job and b) that I enjoy it.

Fri 2: What I thought would be a boring evening turned out to be a fun one. Friday turned out to have not one party but two!

Sat 3: One of my greatest pleasures is putting a smile on The Special One’s face. On Saturday I got to see him with one of the biggest smiles ever when he saw his best friend waiting to have lunch with us to celebrate his birthday.

Sun 4: Another chilled out Sunday at home. Simple pleasures πŸ™‚

What will this week have in store?

Thanks for reading.


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