Count Your Blessings – Week 5

I think we can all find things that we are grateful for if we look beyond the negatives. Sometimes we become so engrossed in all that is bad or going wrong that we forget the little things that make us smile. So this is what my week has looked like…

Monday 21st: Today was my graduation at the Royal Festival Hall. Thankfully because people believed in me, this day was made possible.

Tuesday 22nd: I got to spend real quality time with The Special One.

Wednesday 23rd: Had a good meeting where I got to put my skills as a coach into action and saw results.

Thursday 24th: Someone drove into the back of our car while I was stationery. The damage was minimal and no one was hurt. Yes it was inconvenient and caused a minor traffic jam but there was a bright side…no whiplash 😉

Friday 25th: Friday traffic home was not bad at all which meant that I got home at a decent time and got to spend more time with The Special One…that’s always a bonus.

Saturday 26th: Went to a 1 year old’s birthday party and felt blessed to have such good friends.

Sunday 27th: We slept late, popped over to the shops and did a bit of shopping then came home, cooked, made milk (cashew and rice) and chilled…togetherness…bliss 🙂

The week is well underway by now…will you be counting your blessings?

Thanks for reading.



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