Count Your Blessings – Week 4

It’s the little things that reminds me that I have so much to be grateful for. Or when I hear a story about something or someone and realise that the fact that I have a job is a blessing. Or the fact that I actually do have a little bit of money in the bank is a blessing – even if I can’t afford ALL the clothing I want. I think I take a lot for granted which is why this weekly post helps me see the multitude of blessings that pass my way on a daily basis.

Monday 14th Nov: Received an email from a friend from way back. We usually only speak about once a year and yet it’s always good to hear from her.

Tuesday15th Nov: Got a lot of work done while having a laugh at the office. I am blessed with cool colleagues that help make the day go by easier.

Wednesday 16th Nov: I was meant to go to an event run by a friend’s spiritual teacher. I ended up going to the wrong station because of incorrect info on their confirmation email. Angry thoughts ran through my mind because of the frustration of not being able to go as I would be late. Then I realised that this hiccup meant extra time with…yes, you guessed it, The Special One.

Thursday 17th Nov: Had dinner with a couple of friends from uni (I recently completed my Masters in HR). The course was only 2 years and yet I think that I’ve made 3 friends who will be around for a lot longer than that.

Friday 18th Nov: It was a long day at work. Very long. I finished much later than I expected to but it was a fulfilling day. No time was wasted though. There was some training, listening, planning. It was a good day.

Saturday 19th Nov: Had a lie in this morning with The Special One. We don’t get to do this very often and it was soooo lovely to just chill for an extra hour or two.

Sunday 20th Nov: Woke up from a dream that involved an ex and realised that I am truly blessed to have found The Special One and have him in my life.

And on that soppy note…what are you grateful for?

Thanks for reading.



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