Review of Hairveda Amala Deep Cleanse

My order from British Curlies has arrived and the first of my curly hair products that I decided to use is the sulphate free shampoo. This shampoo (note that it isn’t actually called ‘shampoo’) is what is commonly known as a low-poo because it sulphate free and isn’t damaging to curly hair. I used it this morning and can tell you that this is gonna become a staple product in my curly hair routine. I’m thinking it’s a once a week product – well at least for me. The label recommended a pre-poo (oiling your hair before you shampoo it for added protection) and so I used the Hairveda CoCasta Shikakai Oil on my hair the night before and chucked on a shower cap so my hair got a nice deep treatment before the shampoo in the morning. It had a decent amount of lather, not like typical sulphate shampoos though so don’t expect lots of suds. The smell was really nice – clean and fresh. I really felt like my scalp was clean and my hair wasn’t stripped or dry or straw-like after, just nice and moisturised. Yes, it’s a keeper.


  • Great price (Β£6.95 here)
  • Doesn’t dry hair
  • Clean smell
  • A little goes a long way


  • None yet πŸ™‚

Ps…I am sitting with henna on my hair and my head is wrapped in cling film…now that’s definitely a post in the making. Ciao!

Thanks for reading.



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