Walk Jog Run

That’s how I started out…walk-jog-run. Ok, I may not be getting the running bit right BUT I am getting out there. I registered on the Jogging Buddy website a few weeks ago with the hope of meeting someone to go running with. My problem is that I want to run outside but I don’t want to go on my own. I read a few profiles, made contact with one lady and today was the day that we arranged to meet. I felt a bit nervous. Almost like a first date kind of nervous. Hehe. I thought she was a beginner. I knew she could do 11/12 minute miles which is pretty good. After the last run I did, I figured out that my pace was 12.50 minute miles. So I had a bit of catching up to do to reach her pace. We set out on a faster pace than I’m accustomed to. It was good though because I wanted someone to push me a little. I’m not good at doing that for myself. We started chatting and she tells me that she’s done the London Marathon. Um HELLO!! Where did I get the idea that she’s a beginner? I have no idea. Must have just made that up in my mindball (aka head).

I felt pretty proud of the fact that I managed to run for 3.5km before desperately asking if we could walk for a bit. It also gave me a chance to pull up my jogging bottoms. Thankfully it was late and dark so not many people got to see me flashing some skin. Methinks these jogging bottoms may be a bit too big around the waist. I’m not really sure how to keep them up though since they have no tie at the waist. I bought some new ones which I collected yesterday. Tried them on and they were great. Perfect fit. Made me feel all Sporty Spice 🙂 Did a  twirl in the mirror and they were…see through. Good enough reason to return them? No way dude! Not the way these babies fit. I’m just going to make sure I wear a long enough top and I’ll be fine. It’s not every  day that you find jogging bottoms that fit this good. Well, not in my case.

So, back to the run. The 3.5km point was actually at the top of the hill. The walk was my reward for getting to the top. During the walk she warned me that there was another hill coming up. The last one…but…a gradual one. Gradual, she said. She told me that it took her 10 runs before she could run up the whole way without stopping. I said I’d go for it and we started off on our jog again. Boy was this hill tough. I didn’t make it all the way up to the top. The road turned and at each turn I saw it kept going up. So we started walking and ended up walking all the way back.

In the end it took just under 50 minutes to walk-jog-run 5.5km. Some snails probably go faster than that! But at least I got out there. I found a jogging buddy, we had our first ‘date’ and we’ve agreed to another. I may even redo some of the C25K weeks on my own in the mornings. It’s the best walk jog run plan I’ve seen and I know it works because I finished it before but only it was in the gym. And life outside is a whole different pace.

Thanks for reading.



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