Hair of the Day?

I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers do ‘look of the day’, ‘outfit of the day’, ‘nails of the day’…so I thought maybe ‘hair of the day’ would be appropriate in my case? The only problem is, I don’t change my hairstyle every day so that would be a pretty boring post to read day in and day out. So…when I try a different product or change my curly hair routine then I will post about it. Deal? Probably a little better than seeing a picture of my hair every day and me looking exactly the same.

So this is what my hair looked like just before I went to a conference for work. I’d say it was around 10h15 – about 15 minutes before I left home.

When The Special One saw me around 21h00 he complimented me and said how nice my hair looked. That’s pretty cool – a style that still looks good 12 hours later.

What did I use?

I rinsed out my hair in the shower using Inecto Conditioner which was mixed with water (it was the last bit in the bottle). Then conditioned with Tresemme Naturals and left it in. On top of that I applied some Aubrey Organics Hair Moisturising Jelly. I don’t like my hair to feel hard so if I apply too much jelly and it gets hard then just running my fingers through my hair softens it enough and still leaves it looking good. People feel they have the right to touch my hair – must be the curls – and I don’t want to be one of those “Do NOT touch my hair” kinda people. I like The Special One to touch my hair, feel softness and then to try and run his fingers through my hair…

Exciting news!! I ordered everything that I’d written about in this post and they arrived today πŸ™‚ So I’ll be trying these out during the rest of the week. British Curlies threw in a sample of the Hairveda Vatika FrostingΒ to use as a pre-poo. Nice. Oh, and I ordered some henna and amla from Sheabutter Cottage so will be colouring my hair on Friday night while The Special One is out with the guys.

I’ll definitely let you know how that goes…the pics may be a bit gruesome!

Right, bedtime.

Thanks for reading.


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