Curly hair + Rain = Frizz?

Rain always used to fill me with despair because it usually meant that no matter what I did, my hair would always end up frizzy. Note that I used the words “used to”. My research into all things curly hair and related topics brought me to my fountain of curly hair information…aka British Curlies. It was here that I learnt my most valuable anti-frizz lesson. If your hair has sufficient moisture then it won’t need to absorb moisture from the air and go frizzy.Β 

Basically what this means is that you must lock in enough moisture before you venture outside. Figuring that out was a proper light bulb moment. Suddenly it all made sense.

It rained today and the pictures in this post were taken at midnight – so a whole day of being exposed to rain and moisture. Look! No frizz πŸ˜€ (See if you can spot The Special One)

What did I do? Well yesterday I didn’t use any stylers, I just left the conditioner in my hair so this morning I didn’t co-wash, I rinsed my hair. Still in the shower, I conditioned again using the last of my Tresemme Naturals conditioner (currently mixed with some water to make it last longer). I didn’t rinse that out and once I was out of the shower I sealed in the moisture with Hairveda CoCasta Shikakai Hair OilΒ – it smells gorgeous! I then squeezed in a bit ofΒ Inecto Pure Coconut Conditioner and for good measure topped it with a little (50p size) bit of Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Moisturising Jelly. I didn’t apply loads of product and so despite having two conditioners, oil and a ‘jelly’ on my hair, it didn’t feel heavy or weighed down and certainly didn’t look like it was laden with hair products.

No need for feelings of despair when the rain comes. Now I can go out and look for the rainbows, sing…and shuffle.

Thanks for reading.


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