5k, hills & Denise van Outen


On Saturday 22nd October my friend (we’ll call her MK) and I ran the 5k Shock Absorber Women Only run in support of breast cancer care. This was the first time I ran more that I walked and I can proudly say that I finished in 40 minutes. So what that someone finished in under 20 minutes – I am really proud of my own achievement and will not measure myself according to someone else’s standards.

She says…

Denise van Outen was at the run and took part in the 5k. Now I’m not sure who she is but I do know that she’s famous or at least has celebrity status. And I came in 4 seconds ahead of her. I’m sure that she normally runs a lot faster than 40:04 and she was taking her time enjoying the beautiful view. I still came in 4 seconds faster…mwaah haaa haaa! (Not that I’m measuring myself according to someone else…of course) πŸ˜‰

Ok, so enough gloating. I’m really glad I went and did that run. I thought I would have to go alone and was making excuses to myself about why I shouldn’t go, then MK called and said she was still going. I expected it to be a flat course – it was a fun run after all – but I was proven wrong fairly early in the run. We did well to run the first mile at a decent pace but I think it may have been a little too fast because we needed to walk once we went past that 1 mile marker. Pretty soon a hill approached and MK says to me “never walk up a hill, you always run up”. She was serious and so MK and I conquered every single hill we encountered along that 5 km route. With our timing chips securely fastened to our shoelaces, victory was ours as we sprinted across the finish line.

For the first time I felt like a real runner. It was a good feeling. A feeling I’d like to experience again. Let’s see how I do at the 5k Red RunΒ next month for World AIDS Day. Two years ago I’d never have thought that running would be something I enjoyed!

Thanks for reading.


Ps…this is my Just Giving page for the 5k Red Run. Feel free to donate a penny or a pound, a rand or a dollar or any other currency you have to help people affected by HIV and AIDS.


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