My Wishlist – Curly Hair Products

My favourite sites to frequent for curly hair products porn (not in a “get your mind out of the gutter” way) are:

British Curlies Emporium

Sheabutter Cottage

My recent escapades across these sites have seen me add these products to my wishlist:

MY Honey Child: Honey Hair Mask

This product sounds like it will be absolutely lush. Honey and coconut milk…now how can you say no to a combination like that? Definitely on my wishlist, especially as it’s £9 which doesn’t break the bank judging by the prices of some of the other products from this range.





Hairveda – Amala Deep Cleanse

I co-wash and so don’t use a shampoo or a low-poo (if these terms are foreign, don’t worry…check out the British Curlies forum for guidance) so wouldn’t normally buy a cleansing product. I do think that it would be good to do a deep cleanse once in a while. At £6.95 for 8oz – this product is probably going to last a few months and will fit into my budget nicely 🙂





Sheabutter Cottage Unrefined Shea Butter 

This is an amazing product. Unlike the other two above, I have used this before. It’s one of those products you can use from head to toe. I use shea butter as part of a deep treatment – usually it’s the last thing I add on my hair before wrapping it up. Just rub it in my hands to melt it a bit and squeeze it into my hair. It also makes a great body moisturiser, especially during winter. A 200g jar is £8.60 and you don’t need much of it – just be sure to give it a good rub between your hands to melt it first and it will go a long way.




Sheabutter Cottage – Shea Oil 

I’ve not tried this oil before but I do like to experiment and as Akua (that’s the name of the lovely lady who     runs Sheabutter Cottage) has so many oils to choose from, I keep trying a new one whenever the budget         allows a little splurge. Although at £4.70 for 100ml, it can hardly be called a splurge, right?




So that’s it for now. The list could probably go on and on but we’ll stop here…for now 😉

Thanks for reading.



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