Running to a better me

I discovered running a while ago and although I was off to a slow, a very slow start, I eventually started to enjoy it. The farthest that I’ve run is 5k and that’s only on the treadmill. This was quite an achievement as I can still remember earlier this year struggling to jog for 45 seconds – and I’m not kidding!

I’ve been inspired by an ex boss who lost loads of weight through running – despite eating loads of doughnuts! I’m combining the fitness with a healthy eating plan though for maximum results. Having been overweight for as long as I can remember, I decided that enough was enough and it was time for a change. Setting the wedding date really sealed the deal for me. We always said that we’d wait until we were married before we had kids. So with the wedding date in the calendar it meant that actually having kids became a real reality (I know that sounds crazy). I want to be the kind of mum who can run around with her kids and not just watch from the sidelines because I’m too heavy and my body can’t handle it.

Blogs are another source of inspiration. Dedicated running websites show you runners but you get the feeling that these are elite athletes…that it all comes so easy to them. I prefer blogs because these are real people who have decided to share their stories with others. One of these blogs is Fat Girl Running – reading it is like listening to one of my girlfriends chatting to me – love it!

Over the past 2.5 weeks I haven’t been to the gym at all. (I just slapped my own hand) In my defense, I’ve not been completely inactive. I still climb the one flight of stairs at home so I can go to bed…hehe. I’ve really enjoyed the Zumba demo on my Xbox Kinect. And I battled my way through some of the tracks on Dance Central. See, it hasn’t been all bad. But it’s just not enough. My girls are there for me though. A quick call to them and a conversation about going to the park for some exercise and they were in. Yay for girlfriends 🙂

I have to meet them in 12 hours and I best get some sleep. I’m looking forward to it. I can certainly do with the exercise. I’ll let you know how it went.

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