Novalash Eyelash Extensions

In 12 hours (at the time of writing this post) I will be married for 2 weeks 🙂 I decided that for my wedding day I would like to try eyelash extensions. I first came to know about them when I was getting waxed by the lovely Alison of Scarlet and Hollywood in Islington – a fab salon. Her eyelashes were amazing and I asked her what mascara she was using. Then she dropped the bombshell…it wasn’t mascara – they were extensions. I had a bit of a 30 Rock moment when she told me about it…

And so I was introduced to fabulous Christoph, of Make Me Over Christoph, who is the sweetest makeup artist/eyelash wizard. My appointment was booked for 4 weeks before the wedding to test them. I absolutely loved my new lashes. They felt great – I had no adverse reaction to them. I hardly noticed them at all and the upkeep was so simple. Apply some oil at night and then just brush in the morning. What more could I ask for? Some days (should read many days) I left the house with no makeup on because my lashes were enough.

Strangers were complimenting my lashes. Guys at work (yes, men) were commenting on how amazing my lashes were. On a couple of occasions a girlfriend warned me that I was getting a bit porno with my eyelash fluttering *blush*.

The minute they were on I felt very superstar – think Audrey Hepburn or Bridget Bardot.

I had a top up the day before the wedding. Up to that date (4 weeks before the first application) people were still commenting on how amazing they looked!

WARNING***These photos make me look a bit crazy!

As a treat, I recommend these lashes to every single woman. You should try it at least once. You’ll probably go back for more.

Thanks for reading.


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